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Emiliana Gutiérrez

Date of birth

February 1, 1985

Lives in

French Guiana


Born in Argentina in 1985, Emiliana graduated from the school of Fine Arts (Argentina) and has a master's degree in artistic practice and social action (Bordeaux-France), and is currently a fine arts professor of drawing/painting (academy in Argentina) of the art school. She is an independent and intervening artist who has 15 years of experience in art. Emiliana exhibited both nationally and internationally in Guadeloupe, France, Ibiza (Spain), French-Guyana, Argentina and Suriname. Emiliana Gutierrez is a contemporary visual artist and she creates paintings, sculptures and murals from French Guyana, her current country of residence. Her geometric and colorful work is inspired by digital images and several contemporary trends and movements, such as Pop Art, Abstract Geometry, Toy Art as well as 3D modeling, digital imaging and augmented reality, addressing the relationship between people and new consumer technologies. Based on this, she currently develops the project "ZOOGRID" which combines visual arts and augmented reality techniques.