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Fenna Van Der Vliet

Fenna van der Vliet
Fenna van der Vliet

Fenna Van Der Vliet: The Art of Combination; ‘everything is perception’.

The international established artist Fenna van der Vliet, (Rotterdam The Netherlands based), whose work is known for contrasting subjects and the way she blends them, creates different perceptions in the eye of the beholder.

She started as a youngster receiving drawing and painting lessons from renowned artists.  By 2005 she completed the art and conceptual Artemis Academy based in Amsterdam. Her first exhibition in London in 2015, where she showcased her Metropolitan series was an immense success. Galleries in France, Switzerland, Amsterdam and Spain soon followed.

Ever evolving, her new work finds its roots in her overarching theme ‘Everything is perception.’ Van Der Vliet has a strong conviction that what you see is your own perception and how you perceive it creates the outcome.

That’s why the series of her artworks translate to a particular atmosphere that is meant to help to overcome an obstacle in ‘real’ life by combining the contrasting subjects and the use of colors. When perception is front and center, the outcome is just as personal as the individual. Van Der Vliet’s art has the means to manipulate the outcome of one’s input.

Please feel free to have a look on her website ( or Instagram and reach out if you like, Van Der Vliet is always open for a chat!